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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Owl Cake Pop Fun

One of my co-workers requested we make the Owl Cake Pops for her sister's baby shower.  They were going with the Owl Theme and thought they would make great party favors for the guests to take home.  So.....it was a joint effort with some of my staff.....we made an afternoon of it.

These were the goal....again from the www.bakerella.com love her!!

So here is the process....

We made white cake with lemon frosting....these owl bodies.

And here are the chocolate owl bodies....

Once we shaped the bodies and put the stick in them, we took chocolate chips to make the owl ears.   You take some of the melted candy melt and dip the bottom of the chocolate chip and stick it to the top of the body.  The candy melt acts as a glue.

Kasey was one of our helpers.....makes it go a lot faster when you have more than one person helping.

Notice Genie dipping the owls in candy melt......while Joey and Kasey are doing what???? lol

Using Styrofoam blocks to stand the pops in works great.  Also I love my little bowls I got at IKEA....they are in the children's section and work great to sort your sprinkles.

 The eyes are from the candy necklaces, nose is from the mini rainbow chips we sorted all the orange out.  The feet are sprinkles and the wings are mini brown M&M's.  Super cute but time consuming!

The little Owls drying....waiting to be packaged.

This little guy got his eyes put on....again you use the candy melt as glue to stick the eyes, nose, feet and wings on.

Genie took them and grouped then in three's and tied with matching blue and brown ribbon.  She displayed them in a cute container for the guests to take home as party favors.

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